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Yamaha Xeno C Trumpet

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The NEW 2015 redesigned Yamaha 8445 Xeno C Trumpet: Innovation That Inspires

The 2001 worldwide release of the Xeno series set the bar for a new generation of heavyweight trumpets with the ultimate goal of ideal musical expression. Over the 20+ year history of the series, Xeno trumpets have continued to evolve with the artists who play them. In 2014, Yamaha released the New Xeno Bb models. New for 2015 are the New Xeno C models.

What’s New?

Many of the design changes reflect the knowledge and innovative concepts learned through the development of the new Artist Model Chicago C trumpet, bringing to the Xeno line enhanced projection and a powerful tonal core. All changes were made as a means to achieve a more responsive trumpet that is easier to play throughout all registers with a richer more complex sound.

New, completely redesigned bell

Provides a better balance of resistance for a powerful tonal core and more accurate

slotting in the upper register. Unique bell production techniques and design concept  .

New Leadpipe Design

A new yellow brass alloy leadpipe delivers a quick, smooth response and a great
balance of resistance for optimum comfort and stability

Redesigned valve casing & pistons

A thinner valve casing and lighter pistons as well as the modified angle of the
branch tube (knuckle) offer an improved response and incredible tone control from
Pianissimo to Fortissimo. Provides optimum airflow. 

New backpack-style case

Contemporary look and comfortable to carry 

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