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Yamaha Signature Series Trumpet Mouthpieces

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Item Details

Eric Aubier

Eric Aubier entered into the music world by becoming a solo trumpet for the Paris Opera Orchestra at the age of nineteen. Now he is perceived as one of the top French trumpet players in the world, incarnating in a way the "new face of the trumpet". Yamaha manufactured the Aubier Trumpet Mouthpiece expressly for Eric Aubier and the custom-made mouthpiece is played by the musician in his transnational performances.

Frits Damrow

As a soloist Frits Damrow appeared in many countries throughout the world, including Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia, the United States, Japan and Mexico. His solo concerts vary from recitals with piano or organ to appearances with chamber or symphony orchestra. His solo performances can be heard on several CDs. Besides giving Masterclasses around the world, he is professor for trumpet at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. This Yamaha mouthpiece is his mouthpiece of choice.

Rod Franks

The Rod Franks Signature Series Trumpet Mouthpiece's medium-sized rim diameter and cup make it a very versatile mouthpiece. It produces more sound for the amount of air for more efficient tone than most orchestral mouthpieces. The tone is focused yet rich and full. The Franks mouthpiece features a large throat for a powerful orchestral sound, yet remains easy to play and is equally well-suited as mouthpiece for students. Silver-plated. Rod Franks played with the legendary Black Dyke Mills band before beginning his long orchestral career, eventually becoming principal trumpet of the London Symphony Orchestra. 

Mark Gould

This mouthpiece has been designed for a big orchestral sound with enough projection to fill a concert hall. The wide inner rim size and open throat allow a warm broad sound even at fortissimo. But unlike other large mouthpieces it isn't limited to just symphonic playing. The high range is remarkably secure, with centered and accurate intonation, and its rim shape and the balanced amount of air resistance make it comfortable to play for improved endurance. Though an orchestral mouthpiece, it is versatile enough for all-around playing. Silver-plated. Mark Gould has been principal trumpet of the Metropolitan Opera since 1973 and has led a busy life playing with chamber groups, jazz groups, and teaching at Juilliard.

John Hagstrom

The John Hagstrom Signature Series Trumpet Mouthpiece from Yamaha has a smaller rim that creates a more efficient balance between the performer and trumpet. Balanced with the features of a deeper cup and larger back bore, this Yamaha trumpet mouthpiece is an optimal choice for the needs of those with a heavy performance schedule. The YAC HAGSTROM is the standard mouthpiece on the YTR-9445CHS Orchestral C Trumpet, which Hagstrom also helped design.

Eric Miyashiro 1 & 2

The Yamaha Eric Miyashiro Signature Series Trumpet Mouthpieces offers a player a choice of two superior mouthpieces. The EM1S original model features a very small rim inside diameter. The EM2S is identical in appearance except with a bigger rim inside diameter. The Yamaha Eric Miyashiro Signature Series Trumpet Mouthpieces are available in silver finish. Eric Miyashiro is an internationally acclaimed first call trumpet player in Tokyo. His playing is characterized by the term "StratosphERIC". Mr. Miyashiro is well known as a powerhouse Big Band lead player but is also a first call classical symphonic musician, and is comfortable playing in all music idioms.

Bobby Shew Jazz & Lead

In order to get exactly the kind of tone colors he wants, Bobby uses two different trumpet mouthpieces. The 'Jazz' model is his usual all-around choice. It has a fairly deep roomy cup for a warm, big sound, and a throat and back bore designed to give enough "jump and snap" for maneuvering through quick jazz passages with a rich full sound. The 'Lead' model, on the other hand, gives that extra sizzle and high note clarity for playing lead parts. It features enough air compression for high range playing, but still allows a big open sound.

Robert Sullivan

The Robert Sullivan Signature trumpet mouthpiece was designed in direct collaboration with Sullivan, the Assistant Principal Trumpet for Cleveland Orchestra. It sounds strong and full, thanks to its orchestral size rim and cup, but is well-balanced and extremely responsive and flexible compared with other large-size mouthpieces.

Allen Vizzutti

Allen Vizzutti's fantastic performances require a mouthpiece with exceptional qualities. His extended playing range and incredible technique requires a perfectly balanced mouthpiece, one which allows him to leap huge intervals with centered, accurate intonation and to change in a flash from a screaming lead sound to a warm broad 'classical' tone. The shallow cup with smooth inner rim edge gives a clear focused sound and plays evenly in all registers. It can increase the high range of many players without sacrificing tone in the low range. The Vizzutti mouthpiece offers great sound, incredible flexibility, plus impeccable intonation in all ranges, which in Allen's case covers a wide area!


Model     Inner Diameter   Contour       Thickness   Cup Depth     Throat   Backbore

Aubier            17.03               Semi-flat       Standard      Standard         3.80        Standard

Damrow        16.98               Standard       Standard      Standard         3.88        Standard

Franks           16.82               Semi-flat       Semi-thick    Standard         3.91        Narrow

Gould             17.30               Semi-flat       Standard      Semi-shallow  3.88        Standard

Hagstrom       N/A                  N/A                N/A               N/A                  3.81        N/A

Miyashiro 1    16.02               Semi-round   Thin              Very shallow   3.65        Very narrow

Miyashiro 2    16.22          Semi-round  Thin         Very shallow  3.65  Very narrow

Shew Lead    16.54         Semi-round  Semi-thick Very shallow 3.56   Narrow

Shew Jazz     16.85         Semi-round  Semi-thick  Standard     3.65   Standard

Sullivan          17.16         Semi-flat      Standard     Semi-deep  3.99   Standard

Vizzutti           16.67         Semi-flat     Semi-thick   Very shallow 3.56 Very narrow

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