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Yamaha Signature Series Horn Mouthpieces

$50.00 $74.99

Item Details


The inner rim size is fairly narrow, for enhanced flexibility in every range, while the semi-flat rim contour gives tonal clarity. The V-shaped cup adds security to the high range while the open throat size allows rich full-bodied tone in any dynamic.

Rim Inner Diameter: 16.93㎜
Rim Contour: Semi-flat
Rim Thickness: Standard
Cup Depth: Standard (V-cup)
Throat: 4.30㎜
Backbore: Standard


This mouthpiece has a wide inner rim diameter with a large V-shaped cup.

Rim Inner Diameter: 17.99㎜
Rim Contour: Standard
Rim Thickness: Standard
Cup Depth: Semi-shallow (V-cup)
Throat: 4.50㎜
Backbore: Semi-wide

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