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Yamaha SB5XC Silent Brass System for Tenor Trombone

$215.00 $250.00

Item Details

Black plastic mute in a modern shape has a small microphone inside, which connects by the included wire to a mixing box with volume and reverb controls, and to earphones. It's a great idea in that you are less likely to over blow the mute since you can hear your sound so easily through the amplification. This mute can store inside your horn inside the case for compact travel.

Also available as mute only, model PM5X, for $130.

This is a very quiet mute.  It makes the least sound of any practice mute we offer.  The resistance is higher.  To hear yourself, you may tend to over blow a bit, but put in the electronics, raise the volume, and relax.  It's fairly light and travels inside the bell for convenience.  It's a worthy mute and an improvement in weight and balance over thew previous version.

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