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XO 1028 Tenor Trombone


Item Details

This is a professional tenor trombone made in Taiwan by KHS Music.  This is one of 3 small bore trombones sold under their XO professional brand.  The 1028 is the only dual bore model, and features a .495"/.509" dual bore hand slide.  The other XO offerings, models 1032 and 1632, have a .500" slide

The 1028 is available as the 1028L with a yellow brass bell and brass hand slide.  The optional 1028RL has a rose brass bell with a slightly higher copper content and a slight gold tint.

From XO

XO trombones are at the forefront of computer-aided design while still utilizing the skilled hands and talents of highly trained artisans. Precision crafted hand-polished chrome inner slide assemblies coupled with computer-aligned outer slide assemblies provide incredible action and player sensitivity.

The 1028 trombone is the choice for the performing musician who demands solid, lead power with the inherent advantages of the dual bore slide configuration This instrument features a hand-crafted 7.5" rose brass bell with oversized bell wire for improved sustain and projection. The .495"-.509" slide with rounded nickel silver crook offers a comfortably controlled response with enhanced playability. This 1028 has a lightweight slide with nickel outer tubes for increased strength and a six ounce weight reduction. Create perfect equilibrium with a beautifully engraved 24K gold-plated removable balancer. In your hands is a truly responsive instrument with incredible sensitivity and agility.


  • These generally have great slide action using Trombotine and a little Superslick Silicone.  Very light and fast, just a little noise at the furthest position when dry.  It's a pleasure to play.
  • The 7.5" bell is rose brass with a hint of gold color to it.  It has a small diameter bell rim wire, unsoldered bead, very light and lively.
  • Includes Jupiter mouthpiece, Ultra Pure Trombone Slide Lube, polishing cloth, cleaning rod, big vintage-looking tan wooden hard case.


It's hard to compare this to any particular historic model trombone.  It seems to be an all original design, with reverse tuning, the very light and unsoldered bell rim, the dual bore all nickel slide with a rounded end crook and small extrusions at the top of the hand slide for strength.  It's nimble, it slots well, it has a velvety smooth soft range with a quick attack, it can get brass, but in a good way.  It reminds me a little of a Martin Urbie Green.  Nice horn, thumbs up.


Key: Bb
Body Material: Lacquered Brass
Bore: Dual .495″–.509″
Bell: 7.5″ Rose Brass Hand-Crafted
Outer Slide: Nickel Silver w/ Nickel Crook
Case: XO Professional Classic-Style Case

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