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Tune Up Basic Training by Stephen Colley


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For horns  3 Volumes: Bb Treble Clef, F Treble Clef, and Bass Clef.

Each volume includes an accompanying CD.

"Fine intonation is an individual skill. No ensemble may exceed the skill of the individual player. The key, then, to fine ensembles is to fill it with players who have a good grasp of intonation skills. As a clinician, I often find that the mere "pointing out" of the pure interval and it's "feel" is enough to spur the individual player on to a higher level of intonation skills.
I developed the System to address my own weaknesses. Having attended some very fine schools and performed with some pretty fine ensembles, I found that my own skills were too weak to lead a horn section. My grandpa always told me to "find a need and fill it". The result is The Tuneup System.
Using the System, my own skills skyrocketed, settling the issue of "either you're born with it or not and you can't improve on what nature gave you". (Yes, some neanderthals still believe this!) I shared the System with my horn section, then the winds and brass and found that they, too, made spectacular progress when provided the tools to do so. "
     --  Stephen Colley

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