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Time Capsule Duet for Bb Trumpet and Trombone by Howard J. Buss, pub. Brixton


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TIME CAPSULE (1996) by Howard J. Buss is an entertaining sonatina in four movements: Daybreak, Chorale, Rendezvous, and Homeward Bound and is both fun to play and listen to. The first movement has a frolicking and optimistic character. Chorale breaks with the traditional structure of the chorale in that each phrase gets a measure longer. The harmonies of the second movement contain some spicy dissonances as well. Rendezvous, is in a lilting 6/8 and really "works up a lather" as it progresses to an exciting climax. The final movement, Homeward Bound, begins with a fanfare-like passage that gives way to a spirited dance characterized by an intriguing interplay between the two instruments. (7’) Grade IV.



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