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The Horn Guys Contrabass Trombone Stand


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We offer a very sturdy stand for F contrabass trombones.  This stand is made here from a heavy-duty nickel plated cymbal stand by Dixon, an industrial plunger and some ingenuity. 

No matter which F contrabass trombone you place on this stand, it will not tip over. (Well, not without help.  Ask your local drummer.) This stand now works for the Miraphone BBb or CC contrabass trombones.  For those shorter instruments you can also use the K&M 14990 stand. 

Because of the significant weight of the slide and body on an F contrabass trombone, we fear damage to the bell if only the bell supports the trombone. The ideal height to set this stand may be such that the end of your hand slide just barely touches the floor when the trombone is placed fully onto the stand.  This will help support the weight of the horn and take the stress off the bell. 

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