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The Burlesque Trombone - Christian Lindberg, BIS


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Christian Lindberg, trombone, Roland Pontinen, piano

Iincludes:  Folke Rabe: Basta, Frédéric Chopin: Valse, Op. 64, No. 1 (The Minute Waltz), Henri Dutilleux: Choral, cadence et fugato, Jacques Castérède: Trombone Sonatine - I. Allegro vivo, Jacques Castérède: Trombone Sonatine - II. Andante sostenuto, Jacques Castérède: Trombone Sonatine - III. Allegro, Jean-Michel Defaye: 2 Danses, Julius Jacobsen: Sonata Serioso, Kazimierz Serocki: Trombone Sonatina, Leonard Bernstein: Elegy for Mippy II, Roland Pöntinen: Cameraper trombone e fortepiano

 "Christian Lindberg is perhaps the first classical trombonist to maintain a successful full-time performing career as a soloist. Though now considered among the instrument's foremost exponents, he actually took up the trombone fairly late, only starting playing at age 17 after hearing recordings by the great jazz trombonist Jack Teagarden. By 19, Lindberg was the principle trombonist of the Royal Opera Orchestra in Stockholm. But he left that position after just a year, saying he was bored playing in an orchestra. After further studies in Stockholm, London, and Los Angeles, Lindberg began his solo career. He established himself very quickly, and now plays about 100 concerts per year all over the world. He has won many major competitions, gives frequent lectures and masterclasses, and holds the honorary title of Prince Consort Composer at London's Royal College of Music.

Lindberg has been very active in expanding the repertoire for his instrument, having premiered over 60 new concertos and arranged or transcribed over 100 other works for the trombone. Composers such as Alfred Schnittke, Michael Nyman, Toru Takemitsu, Christopher Rouse, Luciano Berio, and Arvo Pärt have written pieces for him. One of his most frequent collaborators has been composer Jan Sandström, who wrote his Motorbike Concerto for Lindberg (which Lindberg performs in costume, as he does other pieces)."

     --  Chris Morrison (All Music)

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