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The Basics F Gb D In-Line Double Valve Bass Trombone by Paul Faulise, pub. PF Music


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Sound - Intonation - Articulation - Valve Facility

This book is a basic method book for trombonists and/or bass trombonists who are considering a move to, or have recently moved to, playing an in-line double valve bass trombone. It  covers learning the valve/slide positions of the F, Gb  and D valves, developing intonation, and a full, resonant sound.  The articulation exercises help develop clean fast single, double, and triple tonguing articulation through the valves and open Bb horn. The valve facility exercises are particularly focused on developing flexibility in the valve and pedal registers.
Forty pages.  
     --  www.slidebone.com

"The method is basic and specifically targeted to the new players.  It covers tuning the F and G flat valves, each valve's register, the pedal register, sound and intonation, articulation and valve facility.  The valve facility exercises illustrate how awkward slide movements can be minimized or eliminated.  It is not the intent of these exercises to have the instrument played as a valve bass trombone (no slide movement).  They are designed to give the player an insight as to the possible valve/slide combinations that help to create smooth slide movements."
     --  Paul Faulise, from the Introduction to this volume

Paul Faulise, from Buffalo, New York, became known to jazz audiences for his work with Kai Winding's trombone group.  He can be heard on recordings of such jazz luminaries as Cannonball Adderley, Oscar Peterson, Art Farmer, JJ Johnson, Jimmy Smith, Paul Desmond, Charlie Mingus and Bill Evans.  Paul also toured and recorded with the big bands of Dizzy Gillespie, Quincy Jones, and Benny Goodman.  He toured and recorded with Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett, and performed on countless jingles, feature films and TV sound tracks.

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