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Superslick Brass Mouthpiece Pouch

$5.00 $6.00

Item Details

This is a flexible black plastic mouthpiece pouch with a reinforced slotted opening in the side.   The pouch provides excellent protection for your mouthpiece for very little cost.  Used for storage in your case, this pouch will keep dirt and fuzz away.  Used outside the case, damage from a dropped mouthpiece is greatly reduced.  Made in USA.


  • Small: Fits most trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn and French horn mouthpieces
  • Medium: Fits most trombone, baritone, and euphonium mouthpieces of any shank size. 
  • Large:  Fits most tuba mouthpieces.  This pouch has been redesigned to allow a better fit for Miraphone and other larger mouthpieces.

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