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Stauffer Brass by Kanstul Flugelhorn

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After 38 years building the finest brass instruments, the Kanstul factory has closed.  The Kanstul family and team want to express their deep appreciation to our customers, business partners and friends for the business and incredible support they’ve received over the 38 years since Zig Kanstul founded the company.

June: We have only a few Stauffer flugelhorns available.  They are already collector's items.

This is a professional flugelhorn sold by Stauffer Brass in Los Angeles.  It is custom made by Kanstul Musical Instruments in Anaheim, California.  Similar to Kanstul's 925 Besson-style flugelhorn, this Stauffer is improved in several ways.  Lightweight curved braces reduce stress and improve resonance. Pearl finger buttons and 2 traditional water keys are standard, and the third slide trigger is ergonomically improved.

The Stauffer flugelhorn is made of all brass with nickel trim.  The one-piece bell is hand hammered and hand spun.  The Monel pistons are bottom spring and hand lapped.  The receiver fits any Bach-taper (large Morse) mouthpiece.  Lacquer or silver plate finishes are available.

Why choose the Stauffer flugelhorn?  Many good flugels are available these days, some made domestically, some imported.  As the imported flugels, from China mainly, improve, their prices have increased dramatically. Some are priced the same as US-made flugels.  Knowing what imports from China really cost, this didn't sit right with us.  These was opportunity in finding how to do a well-made USA-made flugel for a lower price that can compete right alongside the cheaper imported models.  This is the result.  A historically accurate, professional flugelhorn for the jobbing player.  There's little flash to it, but you have a well in tune instrument with a sound that only comes from the kind of hand work and bell spinning seen here.  Any repair tech will be glad to work on it, and replacement parts are readily available. 

All this for the same price as an Eastman?  Yes.  Please don't overpay for imports when you can have the real thing for about the same price.

Included:  The Stauffer flugel is sold a la carte.  Case and mouthpiece is sold separately.

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