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Stauffer Brass D-Slide for Vintage Conn 62H Trombone


Item Details

This is a replacement slide for the second rotor of a vintage Elkhart Conn 62H or 73H bass trombone.  The stock tuning on those instruments is Bb/F/E, now considered archaic by most players.  Many of these vintage trombones are still in use today, but few players have the opportunity to purchase a custom built slide.  The Stauffer D slide lowers the pitch of the 62H second rotor so that both rotors used together is pitched in D instead of E.  Since most modern bass trombones are set up this way, this will improve the ease of negotiating the low range.  Installing the D slide is a simple upgrade for those with an older instrument, and the slide should plug into most any instrument right away without tools.  Some minor adjustments may be necessary for individual horns.  In lacquer finish.  Made in USA.  This slide does not fit any other instrument besides the two listed.

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