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Stauffer Brass by Kanstul D/Eb Trumpet

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After 38 years building the finest brass instruments, the Kanstul factory has closed.  The Kanstul family and team want to express their deep appreciation to our customers, business partners and friends for the business and incredible support they’ve received over the 38 years since Zig Kanstul founded the company.

June: We have only a few Stauffer trumpets left.  They are already collector's items.

This is a custom D/Eb trumpet made for us by Kanstul Musical Instruments in Southern California.  Only 12 instruments were made, so they are fairly rare.

This trumpet design has some history, and is mostly inspired by Bob Malone, now the head of brass development at Yamaha USA.  Years ago, Bob had his own brass repair shop in the Los Angeles area, and one of his specialties (no surprise) was improving trumpets with new leadpipes and the like.  At the time, the Bach 189 Eb trumpet was one of very few available that was good.  The Bach still had (has) some issues, so Mr. Malone developed a leadpipe conversion for it.  You'll know when you see his design - it's quite distinctive.  The idea was to lengthen the leadpipe to get a more accurate taper, and remove some extra length from the main tuning slide.  The main slide shape then became very small, looking more like a third slide crook.  The leadpipe has a distinctive double bend shape.

When I/Steve moved to Los Angeles, the Malone conversion trumpet was the thing to have.  Many of the players I knew had a beautiful silver plated Bach trumpet with a vintage looking raw brass leadpipe and tuning slide.  This was the Malone look, and with it came the image of a great trumpeter.

Since those days, several other quality Eb trumpets have become available, and some of those use the Malone design.  Most notable is the Kanstul 923.  I'm certain that some years ago Mr. Kanstul said, "We need to make an Eb trumpet.  What's the best one to model ours after?"  Knowing his accomplices, someone surely said, "The Malone model of course."

Recently Yamaha has offered a new top of the line Eb trumpet, the model 9636, and of course it's the Malone design.  The Yamaha 9636 is an excellent instrument, and it also commands a premium price, as it should.   Its notoriety got us thinking a bit, especially when we saw Eastman Winds of China offering an Eb trumpet at about half the price of the Yamaha.

Thinking there is a market for the trumpeter who occasionally needs an Eb trumpet, but doesn't want to overstress his credit line, we decided to design and produce The Jobbing Player's Eb Trumpet.  The idea was that it should be nearly as good as the Yamaha, priced close to the Eastman, and be made in America by well paid first world craftsmen.

One advantage of the Malone style Eb trumpet is that it can be tuned to either D or Eb with a second set of included slides.  It plays very well in each key even though it uses a single fixed bell.  The other popular D/Eb design, the E3L by Schilke, is rated as one of the best as well.  But the Schilke uses two removable bells, so it's more expensive to make and there are more parts to carry around.  We decided a single bell Eb trumpet with a great design would be less expensive to make and should fit the bill for many players.

One other feature of the original Bach 189 Eb is that is uses a large bell, either like a C trumpet bell, or in fact the actual C trumpet bell.  I can't confirm exactly, but this is what those in the know tell me.   And that's a fine way to do it.  Most makers like to economize their parts and tooling.  The Bach does sound very good, but it's a fairly wide sound, and is a less distinctive Eb trumpet sound than some others.

So we approached Kanstul to build us a custom 923 Eb trumpet with these improvements:

  • standard water keys for simplicity
  • pearl finger buttons for style
  • Schilke E style bell mandrel, smaller than the Bach bell for a distinctive Eb sound
  • custom finger hook that braces to the bell for better projection, just like the Yamaha

The result is a spectacular trumpet that rivals the Schilke and the new Yamaha, but the cost is in the range of the Eastman.  Charles Davis, who advised us and suggested the bell mandrel, was very happy with the result.  We hope you will be too, as I think this trumpet is by far the best value on the market.  It's a lifetime purchase, made in the USA, and you should never need to upgrade.  Replacement parts and service are readily available. Brass valve guides are standard for the best resonance, and nylon guides are available upon request.

The Eb trumpet is available in lacquer or silver plate finishes.  A set of four D slides is included.  Case and mouthpiece are sold separately.

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