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Schilke B Series Bb Trumpet

$2,499.00 $4,165.00

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Acclaimed for its exceptional intonation, ease in response, and outstanding projection, the Renold O. Schilke designed Bb trumpet has set the standard for playability and build quality since it was introduced in 1956.  The classic reverse main tuning slide with full radius bend, mouthpipe design and bore variation help create a responsive, open feel with an overall evenness throughout the range of the instrument at all dynamic levels.  This characteristic design is streamlined, clean and elegant.  The B models provide a balanced, comfortable playing experience with a superior tone quality.  Made in Chicago, IL, USA.


  • B1 – ML Bore – (.460”/11.68mm) / L Bell – (5”/127.00mm) Yellow Brass Bell with #1 Taper
  • B3 – L Bore – (.463”/11.75mm) / M Bell – (5”/127.00mm) Yellow Brass Bell with #3 Taper
  • B5 – ML Bore – (.460”/11.68mm) / ML Bell – (5”/127.00mm) Copper Bell with #2 Taper
  • B6 – M Bore – (.450”/11.42mm) / ML Bell – (5”/127.00mm) Copper Bell with #2 Taper
  • B7 – M Bore – (.450”/11.42mm) / L Bell – (5”/127.00mm) Yellow Brass Bell with #1 Taper


Schilke trumpets come standard in silver plate and are sold without case.


The B5 is played and endorsed by many players, including our local favorite trumpeter Rick Baptist.  One of the most prolific trumpeters in Hollywood, Rick Baptist has played on over 1250 motion pictures, 30 years on the Academy Awards and 28 years on the Emmy Awards. He has performed on over 100 gold and platinum records including Frank Sinatra Duets 1&2, Barbra Streisand new Duets album, and Ray Charles last record ,”Genius loves Company”. He has played trumpet on over 5000 cartoon shows from Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain to Family Guy where he can be heard on all 4 trumpet parts on the main title. His most recent movie projects include. X men Days of Future Days, Annie, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and new TV shows Gotham and Galavant. All on a Schilke B5!

Instruments: B5, S22CHD, Flugelhorn, P7, P7-4, XA1



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