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S.E. Shires Tenor Trombone Tuning Slide

$425.00 $535.00

Item Details

S.E. Shires tuning slides are engineered with a unique, smooth double-radius design, combining the best characteristics of single- and double-radius tuning slides. They are available in either yellow brass, for clear sound and articulations, or gold brass, for warmer sound and more covered articulations. Many customers have found that a gold brass tuning slide complements a yellow brass bell, adding warmth to the sound, while a yellow brass tuning slide complements a red brass bell, clarifying the articulations and keeping the sound focused.

Tuning slide crooks may be made drawn from a tube, or formed from flat brass sheet with a brazed seam. Seamed tuning slides tend to project better, but may not provide as much feed back to the player as a drawn tuning slide. Seamed tuning slides are also slightly more expensive.

All tenor trombone tuning slides are the same taper, and the standard drawn tuning slides are unmarked. Seamed tuning slides are stamped with an 'S' on the large ferrule.

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