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S.E. Shires Tenor Trombone Bell

$1,100.00 $1,380.00

Item Details

All S.E. Shires bells are made by hand in our factory. They are labeled (underneath the tuning slide receiver facing inside) beginning with a number and a letter, indicating the bead (rolled end of the bell), construction, and alloy:

  • 1, 5, or 7 = soldered bead: favors pointed articulations and centered sound.
  • 2 or 8 = un soldered bead: favors broad, somewhat diffuse sound and softer, more covered articulations.

Type 1 and 2 bells are traditional two piece bells, made from a separate stem and flare that is brazed together, then spun.

Type 7 and 8 bells are a modified 2 piece construction, made to combine the best playing characteristics of both one piece and two piece bells.

Type 5 bells are traditional one piece bells, made from a single sheet of brass with a continuous brazed seam running down the length of the bell.

  • R = Red Brass: 90% Copper, 10% Zinc. Warm, rich sound with complex overtones, allows for a wide range of colors at different dynamics.
  • Y = Yellow Brass: 70% Copper, 30% Zinc. Clear, pure sound with strong fundamental, keeps a very consistent tone color and overtone structure throughout the range of dynamics.
  • G = Gold Brass: 85% Copper, 15% Zinc. Combines many of the characteristics of yellow and red brass for a very balanced and flexible sound.
  • SS = 100% Sterling Silver. Very clear and dense sound. Available by special order only.
Other numbers and letters after the first two signify a variety of options and are sometimes combined.
  • LW = Light Weight: Very resonant and brilliant with quick, easy response.
  • M = Medium Weight: Slightly lighter than standard.
  • HW= Heavy Weight: Holds together very well at loud dynamics, can require more effort to play.
  • T7 = Treatment 7: Thinned in flare, for some players provides easier response than standard.

Markings specific to tenor trombone bells:
The standard diameter at the tenor trombone bell bead is 8½ inches. Other diameters are indicated after the other markings. 7½, 7¾ and 8 inch bells are available. Small bore bells are marked with an S. 

Orchestral Tenor trombones are available in our original taper, or the new, larger T-II taper. T-II bells offer a broader, but slightly less focused sound than the original taper.T-II Bells are stamped before the model number.

  • 2RVE  = Vintage Elkhart. The 2RVE and 2RVET7 are two of our most popular bells, based on the classic Elkhart models of the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s.
  • 5VNY = Vintage New York. The 5VNY is a traditional one piece bell, T-II taper, based on classic Mt. Vernon, NY Models. They are currently available in either yellow or gold brass.
Markings specific to bass trombone bells:
S.E. Shires bass trombone bells are available in two flare dimensions, indicated before the other markings. If nothing is indicated, it is a BI flare.
  • BI = compact flare: strong core and easy projection.
  • BII = wide flare: very broad sound.
Bass trombone bell flares have a standard bead diameter of 9½ inches. 10 and 10½ inch diameters are also available and are indicated by a number at the end of the other markings.

  • 2RLWT7 is a red brass, lightweight tenor bell with an un soldered bead that has been thinned further in the flare, in the standard 8½ inch diameter.
  • BII 1Y 10 is a yellow brass bass bell with a soldered bead, a wide flare and a 10 inch diameter.

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