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S.E. Shires Q Series Rotary Valve Tenor Trombone


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Using the resources of S.E. Shires' parent company, the Eastman Music Company, Shires has been able to develop a more affordable class of professional brass instrument: the Q Series. These instruments represent the philosophy of Eastman Music Company, to produce the finest musical instruments at every price point. Q Series are entry level professional instruments that have many of the same features as their custom counterparts. When you purchase a Q Series instrument you join the S. E. Shires family, a family that includes some of the finest professional musicians in the world.

How do they do it?  It's international commerce at its finest.  Shires fabricates the Q parts in Hopedale, Massachusetts, USA, then ships the parts to the Eastman factory in China where they are assembled, then sent back to Shires.  The final finish and quality check is then done in Hopedale before shipping to the dealers.  And that's how you get a custom quality trombone at a moderate price.

The Q model is available in several versions.

Choice of Valve

  • Rotary Valve - fast response, short lever throw, lighter weight
  • Axial Valve - free blowing with an even feel between Bb and F

Choice of Bell

  • The yellow brass bell offers the best projection and stability.  Its tone is similar at all dynamic levels.
  • The gold brass bell has a warmer, broader tone, with more malleability.

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