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S.E. Shires Q-Series TBQ30YA Axial Rotor Tenor Trombone, Used


Item Details

This is a lightly used tenor trombone with F-attachment made by the Eastman-Shires Company.  Many of the trombone's components are fabricated in Boston, MA, USA and then assembled and finished in Tianjin, China.  In addition to the venerable Shires design, Q Series gives you the USA-made bell form, axial rotor, and smooth chrome-plated slide tubes.  These parts are superior to imports.  Overall the Q is a nicer instrument than the fully-imported Eastman branded instruments.  You can compare the Q to the Conn 88HO, Getzen 3047AF, or Bach 42AF, with the Q sharing the axial design rotor with the last two.

The axial rotor is the style of the modern symphonic trombone of the last several decades. Designed by Ed Thayer, it first appeared on his own trombones, then Bach, Edwards, Getzen, Shires, Kanstul, Courtois, XO...  Nearly every maker has offered the axial rotor as an option.   If you like the open blow of the straight trombone, and an especially open feel on the F-attachment side, the axial may be for you.  Especially good for the lower range of trombone parts in some brass quintets, the axial rotor gives you seamless Bb-F maneuvering.  There is some expense.  The throw is longer, the horn is a bit weightier, more frequent lubrication and cleaning may be needed.  For some players it's too open and they prefer the compression of a rotary valve.  The large rotor may intrude into the neck region for players with a larger physical.  The hand slide is a wide width, similar to Edwards and Bach, to allow more clearance around the rotor.  Axial rotors can be mostly disassembled with only a screwdriver and hex wrench.  To allow this, the bell section is modular.  Pull the tuning slide and loosen two screws, then you can remove the bell.  Other Shires components including different bells, valves, tuning slides and hand slides can be interchanged with your Q parts if you ever wish to customize this instrument.  Various tapers of interchangeable leadpipes are available too.

This Q was sold in our Long Beach store some years ago to a young player who finished a performance degree and is now doing other things.  It's got several years of use, a few dings and spots of lacquer wear or acid bleed, scratches from a ring maybe, but overall it's beautiful.  The hand slide is absolutely Shires A+, the rotor action smooth, and all slides move freely.  I cleaned and hand polished all the moving parts so it's fresh and newer.  EVen the inside is nearly spotless.  Includes a really nice steel mouthpiece.  It looks like the lacquer is thin in areas, but that's true of USA Shires as well, so it's all part of the game.

The lightweight case is fine but suffers from broken zipper pull on one side, so you have to open and close from one end rather than the middle.  It's a common issue with zipper closure cases.  I think the repaired dent in the bell flare is because of the case, so you'll want to be careful about inserting the components for travel.  If you'd like to upgrade to another case, please ask and an offer you shall receive.


  • USA components, assembled overseas
  • .547" wide brass hand slide with gold tint, nickel end crook and removable leadpipe
  • axial rotor with miniball linkage and wood thumb paddle
  • reverse tuning slide in brass
  • 8.5" yellow brass bell, medium weight, soldered rim
  • lightweight case
  • Serial Q0070 - early model
  • Giddings Sonny Ausman stainless steel mouthpiece
  • modular components are compatible with S.E. Shires USA components


Parts and service available from any Eastman dealer or direct to S.E. Shires in Boston, MA.

Includes 1-year Horn Guys warranty against defects.  Excludes finish.

If you would like to make an offer on the Q trombone, please contact me directly and we'll make a deal. - Steve

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