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S.E. Shires Custom Series Small Bore Tenor Trombone


Item Details

This is a small bore tenor trombone designed by Steve Shires and made at the S.E. Shires factory in (its former location of) Hopedale, Massachusetts, USA.  I've had this for some time; I think it was built when Steve Shires was with the company, meaning he spun the bell.

Steve's original design for a small bore trombone was based on the classic model 6 by Earl Williams.  A favorite of west coast players, the Williams had a large throat 8" bell like a King 3B, but had a smaller .500" bore hand slide for efficiency.  The Williams also had an extended and gracefully curving tuning slide bow.  Shires Custom Series small bore trombones, no matter the model, are based on this Williams design with its distinctive bell and tuning slide shape.

This One

  • 7YM bell: 8", medium weight, yellow brass, engraved, lacquered
  • T00LW Hand Slide: .500" bore, brass: outer tubes, nickel: crook, inside tubes, trim, barrels, lacquered, 3 removable leadpipes
  • S1.5 tuning slide: most popular size - or your choice -
  • Balance weight included
  • Includes case or not, quote available for any case


What's the story?

I oversold on tuning slides and couldn't get another for a while.  It didn't seem right to offer a trombone with a missing piece.


Those are stock pics, I couldn't find a captivating pic of this exact model, and the tuning slide is not here.  If you'd like to be on the list for when it does arrive, please send me a note.


Also, if you have a Shires small bore tuning slide and would like a trombone without one, we can make a deal.

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