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Protec Mute Sock with ID Window

$7.99 $13.95

Item Details

Made of soft padded nylex, Protec mute socks protect mutes from dings and scratches. Available in 4 sizes (small, medium, large, x-large), each features a drawstring closure and ID window with blank ID tag.

  • The Small size is ideal for small brass mutes including trumpet straight, trumpet bucket, and French horn straight mutes.  Dimension: 4.5" Diameter, 8" Height
  • The Medium size is ideal for medium-sized mutes including tenor trombone straight, bucket, and bubble mutes.  Dimension: 6" Diameter, 12" Height
  • The Large size is ideal for large brass mutes including tenor trombone cup mutes and brass trombone straight mutes.  Dimension: 6.5" Diameter, 13" Height
  • The X-Large size is ideal for larger brass mutes including bass trombone wah and bass trombone cup mutes.  Dimension: 9.25" Diameter, 15" Height

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