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Paxman Model 20 Double Horn


Item Details

The Model 20 has been the mainstay of the Paxman range for many years. It is a completely original design that broke away from the three distinct layouts that have been used for much of the last century.

Central to this design is the Merewether System, whereby the airflow travels in the same direction on both the F and Bb horns, minimising interruption from the turning rotor.

The F and Bb sides of our full double horns are well-matched, and all models feature exclusive tuning slides for each side. Apart from the obvious benefits, the Bb tuning slide allows the player to add an extension with a manually operated A= valve. The mouthpipe main slide also helps to drain the instrument. The thumb valve is easily reversible to stand in either F or Bb.

The 20 is also available, as a custom order, with a fifth valve for hand stopping (models 21 and 26).

These models are all offered in any combination of four bell flares and three different alloys of brass.


Our base model is unlacquered and has a fixed bell

Our deluxe model has a screw bell flare, adjustable finger hook, and clear lacquer finish

Any options are available, please contact us directly if you seek something specific.



  • Bore: M-medium E-Europa L-large A-American (New World)
  • Metal: Y-yellow brass G-gold brass N-nickel silver
  • Bell Flare: F-fixed D-detatchable
  • Lever Action: C-cord M-Minibal
  • Rotors: B-brass
  • Pitch: A-442 unless otherwise specified

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