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Not So Old School - Dan Fornero, d4 Records


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This record is a breakaway from tradition.  It’s 2014 and the rules have changed.  With great producers behind me, I was able to create an album with music that I like from different genres that have inspired me.  Something I could leave behind that says a little about who I was.  Sometimes showcases me, sometimes doesn’t, but always includes horns.

-Dan Fornero



Produced by Wally Minko & Gary Grant

VOCALS  Lynne Fiddmont, Sean Holt, Kudisan Kai, Lamont Van Hook, Lisa Vaughn
DRUMS  Gregg Bissonette
BASS  Matt Bissonette, Leland Sklar
GUITARS  Kurt Griffey, Al McKay, Ramon Stagnaro, Andrew Synowiec
PERCUSSION  Kevin Ricard
Dan Fornero, Wayne Bergeron, John Fumo, Gary Grant, Larry Hall, Harry Kim
TROMBONES  Nick Lane, Andy Martin, Bill Reichenbach, Arturo Velasco
WOODWINDS  Tom Evans, Larry Klimas, Sal Lozano, Eric Marienthal, Don Markese

Dan Fornero: Not So Old School (2013)

By Nicholas F. Mondello
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"Fornax—now there's a word you probably haven't heard since sophomore Latin class—if ever. It translates as "oven"— words such as "furnace,"al forno and—use your imagination for another example—are derivatives. Whether or not his surname emanates from ancient lingo, one thing is certain: trumpeter Dan Fornero's Not So Old School is indeed both contemporary and burnt-tongue delicious. 
Well-known by way of his globe-trotting work with Phil Collins, the Brian Setzer Orchestra, Neil Diamond and present status as one of L.A.'s most in-demand session artists, Fornero takes the leader reins here and gathers some of L.A.'s premier "suspects" to offer 10 original selections steeped in the best high-energy funk, R+B, and pop-rock traditions. The up-tempo fare on this particular menu is so rhythmically intense it would make a "Mummy" shake its bandaged booty. And, the more restrained material is elegantly cognac- smooth.
It's obvious from the get-go that Fornero has a penchant for the driving pulses and biting staccato funk of the styles of Tower of Power, Prince, Earth, Wind & Fire, Al Jarreau and—rest his Godfather Soul—James Brown ("Gonna Be Fine" "Cunning & Baffling," "DataBass"). With a premier rhythm section that cuts loose below the screaming horns and the soul- oozing vocals, this contemporized effort is as good—or perhaps even better—than some of the aforementioned.Eschewing the need for extensive spotlighting on his stellar playing ("Wish You Were Here"), Fornero has shrewdly allowed the ensemble to collectively shine. His original and co-authored tunes certainly demonstrate his talent, expertise and devotion to the genres. The vocal selections throughout are superb ("My Only Girl," "Don't You Know" "These Are the Words") but, make no mistake: what delivers the KO here is the utterly incredible cohesion of the horn sections forged with what percolates below (Hey Thanks). Overall and throughout, the guitarists and rhythm section rock this casbah. 

Not So Old School is an impeccable performance that is supreme fun and—not for one 16th note—studio sterile. At this cooking school, the recipes are 5-Star and the use of asbestos gloves is highly recommended."

About Dan

Originally from Kenosha, Wisconsin, Dan Fornero attended North Texas State University from
1977-1981 where he played first trumpet in the famed One O’clock Lab Band in 1980 & 1981.

Six months after moving to Los Angeles in 1982, Dan toured for a year playing lead trumpet with Woody Herman, kickstarting his career as a freelance trumpet player.

Dan Currently Plays

Yamaha 9335V  Bb Trumpet, Yamaha YFH8315G  Flugelhorn, GR Mouthpieces

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