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Miraphone 670 BBb Contrabass Trombone

$8,580.00 $9,960.00

Item Details

This Miraphone contrabass trombone model 670 in BBb is the archetype when people think of a contrabass trombone.  With its double looped slide and double loop bell section, the Miraphone stands out among all others.


  • Double slide with 7 positions, conical bore 14.0 - 15.6 mm (0.550 - 0.613 inch)
  • Rotor is a traditional quart valve, lowering the pitch a perfect fourth to FF
  • Brass body and bell with nickel slide tubes and all nickel trim (gold brass available by special order)
  • 2 water keys
  • TU03 mouthpiece
  • Lacquer finish
  • Sold with case


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