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Miraphone 282 4V Rotary BBb Tuba

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This is a medium size BBb rotary valve tuba made by Miraphone in Germany.  The model 282 body size is about 7/8 of a full size tuba, but its dual bore valve section and vertical tuning slide allow a booming low range. This is one of the more nimble rotary BBb tubas, and it's nice for smaller sized players as well.  Options include having the leadpipe placed lower, or a fixed thumb ring to prevent loss.  Sold a la carte.  Miraphone gig bag or Winter hard case available.

The nickel silver mouthpipe resists corrosion, and the 282 design allows no allow water to pool in the leadpipe if the horn stands on its bell.


         Bell diameter 420 mm (16,535 inch)
         443 Hz
         3/4 Size
         With lyre holder
         Rotary valves
         Bore of valve section conical 19,6 - 20,4 mm (0,772 - 0,803 inch)
         Spiral spring system
         Nickel silver wreath
         Material of mouthpipe—nickel silver
         Mouthpiece TU15

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