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Miraphone 281 Firebird Rotary F Tuba

$11,800.00 $13,512.00

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This is the 5/4 size solo rotary F tuba, and stands out from the crowd as one of the very best rotary F tubas with a centered low C and an even all-around low range.  Available in yellow or gold brass, with 5-6 valves in several configurations.  This is a more compact sounding instrument than the 181, but with a more centered low range.   .772"-.835" conical bore, 15.75" bell 


We've ordered these in 5 valve, all right hand, in yellow brass, or the 6 valve version, 4+2 German style or 5+1 USA style, in all gold brass. I have seen mostly 5+1 6-valve F tubas, but after playing a German style 4+2, I see the ease of fingering low passages without having to engage the thumb. Especially for C to Bb to A, it's fingered 4, 4+5, 4+5+6 respectively, all very easy. Check it out.

Included:  mouthpiece and lubricants, case sold separately

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