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Miraphone 181 Bel Canto Rotary F Tuba

$9,650.00 $11,580.00

Item Details

As I heard it, this large rotary F tuba was originally made for Robert Tucci, before he became a clinician for B&S.  For that reason, the B&S F tubas are made to very similar specs as this model.  These tubas are made to order, in yellow or gold brass, with 5 or 6 valves in several configurations.  The valve section is the same as the 281 Firebird, but this tuba has a larger body and bell.  It has an excellent low range for a rotary F tuba, nearly as centered as the Firebird, but with a larger, broader sound and more projection for use in the concert hall.  Also played for many years by tuba soloist and Miraphone president Markus Theinert, and also played by Chris Hall of the Metropolitan Opera.  Pitch and response has been improved on the newest versions of this tuba through adjustment of the first slide bore, and custom sleeving of the main tuning slide.  .772"-.835" conical bore, 16.5" bell Shown at left in gold brass with 6 valves.

Base model is 5 valve, yellow brass, $8395.  Add $500 for gold brass body.  Add $800 for 6 valves, either 5+1 or 4+2.  Silver plate, add $1700.

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