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Miraphone 1292 New Yorker Piston CC Tuba

$12,195.00 $14,634.00

Item Details

The Miraphone 1292 New Yorker CC tuba  is one of a set of three modern design CC tubas made by Miraphone in Waldkreiberg Germany. The 1292 was designed for/by Alan Baer of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.

The 1291 was the first of the new designs, and it's significantly different from the classic Miraphone tubas like the 186 and 188. The idea at the time was to build a new tuba that had a classic American sounds, like the fabled York models from Michigan. The bell taper is faster for a very wide conical shape, the mouthpipe is larger, and these have piston valves, which are otherwise a rare occurrence in traditional German tuba design. The 1291 and its brethren are three loop tubas. Notice how large the body of the tuba appears compared to a 186 or 188, which are four loop tubas. The three loop design is historically American, and should offer less resistance. However, it makes for a very big tuba. Medium to petite players may find these tubas feel overly large, and a smaller player may feel a bit like they are inside a roll cage. The long stroke of the piston valves with smaller hands may add to the feeling that these are big tubas. For that reason, these are often called 5/4 tubas, though if you think a Meinl Weston Thor or a B&S PT-6 is a 5/4 tuba, then you may indeed refer to these Miraphones as large 4/4 tubas. In fact, a Hirsbrunner HB-290, considered a 4/4 tuba, is not much smaller than these at all.

After playing the 1291, some orchestra players missed the clarity and definition of attack they were used to hearing on the old Miraphones. Alan Baer of the New York Philharmonic and Miraphone then developed the 1292 New Yorker model. The 1292 is nearly the same as the 1291, but has a medium rather than a large leadpipe. There may be some small differences in bends of bows, but we are unable to confirm any details. This model is also very successful, through its brighter tone, more centered attack, and efficient blow. It brought back more of the classic German sound to the new Miraphone models. Think about the response you might get out of a big piston valve 188 if there were such a thing. That's what you have with the 1292. We have sometimes described the Meinl Weston 2145 this was too, but these Miraphones are larger, superior instruments.

Another feature of the 1292 is the larger European size mouthpiece receiver.  Though all Miraphones are obviously German tubas, their normal receiver size is the same as American instruments, and they use mouthpieces with the same shank.  Not so with the 1292.  It's receiver is larger, and it fits only a few mouthpiece, including Scott Laskey "E" models, Giddings Euro models, and a few others.  Standard Perantucci shanks are too small, but I believe they also offer larger shank mouthpieces.

The 1292 does include an excellent large shank mouthpiece:  the model TU26.  I believe this mouthpiece was specified by Alan Baer himself.  It's made of medical grade stainless steel, and is made by Giddings in Puget, Sound, Washing, USA.  It has a special large shank to fit this tuba.

Included: Miraphone mouthpiece and lubricants.

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