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Miraphone 1291 Piston CC Tuba

$11,695.00 $14,034.00

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The Miraphone 1291 CC tuba is the first of three modern design CC tubas made by Miraphone in Waldkreiberg Germany.  The 1291 was the first design, and it's significantly different from the classic Miraphone tubas like the 186 and 188.  The idea at the time was to build a new tuba that had a classic American sounds, like the fabled York models from Michigan.  The bell taper is faster for a very conical shape, the mouthpipe is larger, and it has piston valves, which are otherwise a rare occurrence in  traditional German tuba design.  The 1291 and its brethren here are three loop tubas.  Notice how large the body of the tuba appears compared to a 186 or 188, which are four loop tubas.  The three loop design is historically American, and should offer less resistance.  However, it makes for a very big tuba.  Medium to petite players may find these tubas feel overly large, and a smaller player may feel a bit like they are inside a roll cage.  The long stroke of the piston valves with smaller hands may add to the feeling that these are big tubas.  For that reason, these are often called 5/4 tubas, though if you think a Meinl Weston Thor or a B&S PT-6 is a 5/4 tuba, then you may indeed refer to these Miraphones as large 4/4 tubas.  In fact, a Hirsbrunner HB-290, considered a 4/4 tuba, is not much smaller than these at all.

The 1291 has been very successful.  It does indeed have that sort of velvety rich old American tuba sound without much barking.  The 1291 is also available in BBb, and is a popular instrument on its own, especially with military band players.  You can really raise your voice in the orchestra with a 1291, and still have a beautiful tone at higher dynamics.

Included:  Miraphone mouthpiece and lubricants.

Sold without case.  Available cases include:  Miraphone gig bag, MTS1207V hard case.

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