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Meinl Weston 2250NP Norm Pearson Model 5V Piston F Tuba, Used

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8.3.20 Sold to Alexander Tran

This is a large 6/4 size piston F tuba made in Germany by Meinl Weston, a division of The Buffet Group.  The very open tuba body is based on the shape of the Besson 983 Eb tuba, a fairly large instrument in its own right.  The 2250NP was designed for Norm Pearson, newly retired tubist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and now a free ma.  The difference between the NP model and the standard 2250 is the NP has a straight bore through the four pistons, helping to center the fourth valve notes and also keep the instrument's main bore smaller for another few cm, increasing center and clarity.  The standard model has a stepped bore with an oversize fourth valve loop, increasing its bignicity.

This particular 2250NP is actually Norm Pearson's personal tuba and the very first 2250NP made.  The bell engraving reads "2250".  Custom features on this tuba include: 

  • spring-loaded first slide stop
  • third and fourth slide cord stops
  • long fifth rotor slide, and additional short slide
  • pencil and holder (eraser not included)
  • Meinl Weston gig bag
  • 4 Martin Wilk MAW pistons

These aftermarket pistons are several hundred dollars each, a significant investment.  The design changes the air flow through the pistons, improving response and tone for many players.  Norm Pearson found that the tuba played best when only the fourth MAW piston was used.  That one is installed now.  The set of four is included.

The 2250NP tuba is in excellent condition.  There are no major dents or scratches, though its years of use are evident from some finish wear and marks.  Hasn't been cleaned or specifically tuned, sold as is.

Technical specifications

  • Key : F
  • Model : Next Generation
  • Bore : .748" / 19 mm, 5th rotary valve .807" /20.5 mm (right hand thumb operated))
  • Bell : 17.3" / 440 mm
  • Height : 35.2" / 895 mm
  • Size : 6/4
  • Valve : 4 piston steel (big valve, front action) + 4 MAW
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