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Meinl Weston Warren Deck 2155 5V Piston CC Tuba, Used


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This is a large piston valve CC tuba made by Meinl Weston in Germany.  A smaller version of the Warren Deck model 2165, this 2155 has the same features but in a 5/4 body. This allows the player more flexibility in what the horn can do and the ensembles where it will fit the best.


  • Bell: 17.5"
  • Bore: .748" - .787" (valves 1-4) 5th valve is .807"
  • Key: CC
  • Size: 5/4
  • Valves: 5 valves; 4 front action piston valves and thumb activated 5th rotary valve

Includes Meinl Weston aluminum road case in red with many stickers, and Altieri gig bag.  This 2155 was made pre-1999 evidenced by the short third slide crook and the fixed thumb ring.

I tried to show all of its beauty and defects in the photos.  There's a small but noticeable dent in the bottom bow, but it's not worth repairing.  Some very minor dents elsewhere, a few small solder repairs here and there, some lacquer wear.  90% lacquer?  All the slides and valves move freely.  The fifth slide has an adjustable stop so to it can be quickly pulled as needed.  The tuba includes a set of the Alan Baer piston alignment kit O-rings.

The bottom bow dent is likely from the Altieri gig bag.  It has only a little padding in the bottom of the bag.  The wheeled road case is weighty, but less bulky than most plastic cases, and certainly tougher.  A new MW road case costs about $1800, so this is a nice bonus to have if you've got tuba travel in your future.  Maybe treat yourself to a new gig bag if you're out and about the town a lot.

How does it play?

Fark me, this is a great tuba!  I played it today and wrote to an interested player...

I like it.  It reminds me of the easy playing of my Hirsbrunner HB2P, but without the tuning quirks and low range quirks.  And bigger.  But this is an easy to play horn, it flows...more than the Miraphone you're using.  So far the MW gets passing grades.  I thought it would be much tubbier.  It's not.  I like it better than the Thor and the Tuono because it feels lighter, faster, more nimble, but still nearly as broad a tone, but it's definitely velvety CC, not BBb oafishness.  It doesn't bark the same as a 4/4 nor sound voluminous like 6/4, it's right in there between.  If there were such thing as a Hirsbrunner HB6P 5/4, this would be like that.  Valves all work fine.  Small dent in leadpipe, remove only for vanity.  C-G are right in tune.  Open E is low, 2nd valve Eb is low, 1st valve D is right one w/o push/pull.  I can bend those two pitches up, but I might play E 1-2 sometimes like on a Miraphone 185 CC.

This instrument is on consignment here.  If you'd like to make an offer, please send me an email.

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