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Mastering the Trombone by Edward Kleinhammer & Douglas Yeo, pub. EMKO


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  MASTERING THE TROMBONE is the acclaimed book by Edward Kleinhammer, retired bass trombonist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (1940-1985) and Douglas Yeo, retired bass trombonist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra (1985-2012) and currently Professor of Trombone at Arizona State University.
  For over three generations, the name Edward Kleinhammer has been associated with excellence in trombone performance and teaching. As a member of the legendary brass section of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for 45 years (1940 - 1985), he has become a role model for thousands of brass players the world over.
  Written in collaboration with his former student, Douglas Yeo, Mastering the Trombone represents Edward Kleinhammer's most recent thinking regarding the essential elements of trombone playing. His clear, step-by-step, common-sense approach to the fundamentals of performance cover every aspect of playing including rhythm, legato, buzzing, tone quality, breath control, a daily routine, preparations for taking auditions and much more.

All trombonists, from the beginning student to the most seasoned professional and including both tenor and bass trombonists, will appreciate the over 100 musical examples and exercises that systematically guide players through the skills required in the process of Mastering the Trombone.
The Table of Contents is as follows:
    Table of Contents
    Author's Note
    Introduction (Edward Kleinhammer)
    Introduction (Douglas Yeo)
    Chapter 1: Breathing and Breath Control
    Chapter 2: The Embouchure
    Chapter 3: Tone Quality
    Chapter 4: Volume Range
    Chapter 5: Tonal Range
    Chapter 6: Buzzing
    Chapter 7: Slide Accuracy
    Chapter 8: The Tape Recorder
    Chapter 9: Legato
    Chapter 10: Detached Playing
    Chapter 11: Daily Exercises
    Chapter 12: Intonation
    Chapter 13: Rhythm
    Chapter 14: Musical Interpretation and Style
    Appendix 1: Newtonian Law
    Appendix 2: Symphony Auditions: Preparation and Execution
    Table: Musical Examples, Exercises, Illustrations and Photos

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