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Lynzoil Valve Oil by Bach

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Would you buy oil from this man?  You should.  At last here is the new incredibly fast valve oil from awesome screech player and very nice cat Lynn Nicholson.  And apparently Lynn is a brilliant lubricant inventor too.  We like.

Seriously, lubrication technology advances.  You can keep using that cheap old school oil, or treat yourself and live better with a  long lasting super fast lubricant for your beloved.  Beloved trumpet, that is.

Lynzoil is a premium valve oil formulated to possess light, fast-acting properties but last longer than other oils.  Beta testers experienced extremely efficient valve action from the moment the oil was applied up to two weeks afterward without having to re-apply.  Lynzoil gives you reliable action without the hassle of continually applying more oil.


Lynn's Infomercial


Lynn Shows How to Play


And the Good Part


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