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Kuhnl & Hoyer 175 Slokar Eb Alto Trombone


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This spectacular instrument had the opportunity to be the most rare and unique alto trombone available. Then the opportunity vanished when it became the most copied alto trombone in the world. Why? Nearly every alto trombone shipping out of China at the moment looks exactly like this one.

I wonder what happens to the player of a Slokar alto trombone now at a gig. Do other trombonists now say, "Did you get a new alto? Is that a Jinbao/Stauffer/Roy Benson/Selman?"

I hope not. This is a top notch instrument, designed by some of the best in the business. Its acoustical design is new, and the workmanship is flawless. We offer this as a straight Eb alto, but it's also available with a Bb rotor as the model 176.

Compared to the Kuhnl & Hoyer model 122 alto, this Slokar has a larger sound, and is less tinny when you play at high volumes. Combined with its larger .480/.488" nickel slide can take the air stream of a strong tenor trombonist. Compared to the Yamaha, this has a bit more projection and focus, and a less velvety sound in the mid range. But the tone is still broad. It will blend with any instrument the second trombonist tries to throw at you.

We'll now let the K&H ad copy roll for this review:

Three masters in their fields have come together to create the Slokar Edition trombones:

Branimir Slokar, professor at the College of Music in Freiburg, Germany, internationally known soloist and teacher.

Dr. Klaus Wogram, acoustician and development engineer at the Federal Institute of Physics and Technology in Braunschweig, Germany.

Kuhnl & Hoyer, manufacturer of distinguished and international prize winning brass instruments.

All the trombones of the Slokar Edition feature:

Compact tone in each dynamic range up to fortissimo
Extremely easy response in all registers
Balanced intonation throughout the entire sound range
Very good highs and lows, even in the softest passages
Warm, pure sound with large tone volume
Perfect workmanship in all details

Professor Slokar writes about the new trombones:

I am very happy that it was possible to combine my experiences as an orchestra musician and soloist with the excellent knowledge of the Kuhnl & Hoyer company in one instrument. These new trombones satisfy all the demands that I place on an instrument. Especially I want to mention Dr. of Engineering, Klaus Wogram of the laboratory of musical acoustics at the Federal Institute of Physics and Technology in Braunschweig, whose research findings are the basis of our tuning slide. The special shape of this tuning slide enables very good high notes and an easy response. The versatility of our models offers the possibility for each trombone player to find the right instrument.


Reduction of disturbance echoes

Due to the special bend of the tuning bow, disturbance reflections are eliminated. This enables a very good high and an easy response.


A curved grip on the body and on the slide for more playing comfort

This innovative development guarantees a secure and tireless holding position of the instrument.

All Slokar trombones are provided with gold brass bell and nickel silver slide with hard chrome-plated inner slides made of nickel silver.

Included: Lightweight case and Slokar Solo mouthpiece

Photos show traditional German hard case.

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