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King Legend 3BL Tenor Trombone

$2,399.00 $3,685.00

Item Details

This is a new version of the classic King 3B trombone, introduced in October 2015.  The difference between this 3BL and the standard 3B is that this "L" version has a lightweight nickel hand slide.  The outer tubes are thinner, and are drawn without the thicker extrusions near the hand brace.  This is similar to how the King 2BL Jiggs Whigham trombone hand slide is designed. 


  • Made in Eastlake, Ohio, USA
  • .508" bore all nickel light weight hand slide with lightweight brass end crook
  • Two-piece fixed leadpipe
  • 8" hand spun bell
  • Ornate bell engraving
  • Three-piece classic-style removable balance weight, engraved and nickel plated
  • Bell available in yellow brass, gold brass, or Sterling silver
  • Sleek fiberglass case
  • King 7C mouthpiece

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