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King Legend 2B Tenor Trombone

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The King 2B is the most classic of American trombones, whose design goes back to the 1930's.  Still hand made in Eastlake, Ohio since the 1960's, this trombone just received an updated design, vintage styling, and a modern case.

2B means dual bore, and this .481/.491" slide bore trombone has a fast response with a little resistance so you can flare the tone with no effort.  It soars in the high range and barks when you need it.  The 7-3/8" brass bell projects a good amount of high frequencies in your tone, giving you center and clarity.  This is a '40's big band section and lead sound.  The King 2B is still very popular with the Los Angeles studio scene players to this day.

Side note:  2B for jazz; 3B for church.  And that's it.

Metal:  The King hand slide and all bracing is made from nickel, which is slightly harder than brass.  Nickel resists corrosion, resists dents, and transmits the sound more efficiently.  It gives your horn and your sound an electricity that's simply captivating.  The inner and outer slide parts are built together and hand fitted for smooth action.  And I/Steve go through every slide myself, checking the alignment, polishing and cleaning until I'd be happy taking it to a gig.

The balance weight is once again the three-piece classic style.  It is easily removed without tools, though you'll likely want to use the weight if you're doing much more work.

Bell engraving is classic floral pattern and proudly proclaims its birthplace in Ohio. 

The King case is a faux-carbon finish for style and a sleek shape with backpack straps for the busy musician on the go.  The King trombone fits exactly in the case with no movement, adding to your security during travel.  Double backpack straps are included.

Includes King mouthpiece and factory warranty.

Available as the 2BG with gold brass bell and the 2BS with solid Sterling silver bell.  King trombones can be had in lacquer, silver plate, or silver plate with gold trim.

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