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Kanstul 1603 Handcraft Bb Trumpet

$2,977.99 $4,410.00

Item Details

This model 1603 is a new professional trumpet from Kanstul Musical Instruments in Anaheim, California. This design is based on the historic Martin Committee trumpet, the best examples of which were manufactured between 1939 and 1955.  The Kanstul's salient features include a #3 (.470") large bore, distinctive water keys, finger hook and third slide ring.  The leadpipe, receiver and bell shape are of the classic Martin.  Like the Martin, the Kanstul has no first slide saddle, but also like the Martin, it may not need it, playing well in tune as is.  More info here.  Larger photo here.

The standard finish is lacquer, but silver plate is available by special order.  A lightweight Protec PL238 gig bag is included. 


Some commentary from Jack Kanstul:

Martin Committee had a special leadpipe that was standard with any committee. Several bore sizes were available but the #3 bore was the large bore at .468" and that was the one used by Chet, Dizzy, Miles etc. and also used by Chris Boti today.

Ours is a .470" bore as we don't make a .468" valve section, although the players don't seem to mind that. Right now Wallace Roney in New York is playing on it. He wanted it for evaluation when he heard about it last year after the ITG show in Columbus. I asked him how it compares to an instrument he has endorsed. He said, "You nailed the leadpipe." When asked point blank which one he prefers he said, "Yours has the sound." He wants a few tweaks on his personal one but once we get that done he may endorse it. He has recorded already on the 1603 he has. He has had it for over a year.  -JK



  • Key: Bb
  • Bore: Martin #3
  • Bell: Martin one piece hand hammered bell, distinctive bracing
  • Mouthpipe: Martin continous tapered mouthpipe
  • Valves: Monel, hand lapped, top sprung
  • Valve Guides: Brass (Nylon available at no charge)
  • Slides: Nickel
  • Water Keys: Two side mount
  • Intonation: 3rd Slide Ring, custom 3rd Slide Stop
  • Finish: Clear Lacquer

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