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Belwin Master Duets for Trombone in 3 Volumes by Keith Snell, pub. Belwin-Mills


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pub. by Belwin-Mills, Warner Bros. Publications.

A proven source of graded duets for both the student and teacher of brass and woodwind instruments.

Each volume contains works from the Renaissance, Baroque and Classical periods, folk songs and traditional tunes, and a selection of original compositions by Keith Snell in a variety of styles.

A useful source of repertoire.

Volume 1 (Intemediate) contains: Balletto (Vinci) * Courant (Alcock) * Danish Country Dance (Trad.) * Down by the Riverside (American Trad.) * Duetto (Handel) * Fanfare (Purcell) * Fugue (Heron) * Kentucky Fold Song (Trad.) * Ronde (Susato) * Scherzo (Heller) * Shepherd's Dance (Susato) * Slip 'n' Slide Polka (Snell) * Three Concert Duets (Snell) * Voluntary in F (Heron).

Volume 1 (Advanced) contains: Allegro (Handel) * Burlesca (Bach) * El Matador (Snell) * Fanfare (Telemann) * Gigue from Concerto Grosso No. 9 (Handel) * Joshua Fit De Battle of Jericho (American Negro Spiritual) * Les Tambourins (Kimberger) * Musette (Bach) * Romanze from "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik," K. 525 (Mozart) * Sonatina (Handel) * Three Dances (Snell) * Whirling Dervish (Snell) * Zephyr (Snell).

 Volume 2 (Advanced) contains: Aria Pastorella (Rathgerber) * Blazing Brass! (Snell) * Intrada (Pezel) * Invention (Snell) * La Paix (Handel) * Minuetto (Turrschmiedt) * Moderato (Haydn) * Polka (Tchaikovsky) * Polonaise (Mozart) * Processional Fanfare (Snell) * Rondo (Bull) * Theme and Variations (Reiche) * Two Part Invention No. 14 (Bach).

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