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K&M 16020 Drink Holder

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You know how it goes.  You stagger into the rehearsal, still hungover, with your beloved Starbucks Lifesaving Go Juice (coffee) in hand.  You setup and place your coffee cup on the floor.  What happens next?  Some jackass sitting next to you accidentally kicks it over.  Then you've lost your $8 investment, you have no fuel, and the band leader is angry.  (Don't worry about the carpet stains.  They are someone else's problem.)

We present for your approval the K&M Drink Holder.  It clamps to the center shaft of nearly any music stand and safely elevates your beverage of choice above the floor.  Made in Germany of black powder coated steel, it should last forever.  Replacement knobs are readily available if you should lose one.

You know that although this device is ostensibly for coffee, it is also useful for beer and scotch, right? 

Weight = 0.5 pounds

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