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Josef Lidl LCB-702 Rotary CC Tuba


Item Details

This is the Josef Lidl 702 CC tuba, handmade in a small shop in Brno, Czech Republic.  This 3/4 size four rotary valve CC tuba is compact but has excellent projection and a full sound for its size.  Includes compact hard case. This is a nice instrument for the jobbing player seeking a smaller CC tuba for pit orchestra, chamber music, stand-up work, or as a first tuba for the student who prefers the ergonomics of a medium size horn.  Or it's great for someone who wants a lightweight instrument.  14.4 lbs is luxuriously light for a tuba.  Though this is a small instrument, it has a terrific low range, beautiful tone, good pitch, a big sound for a small horn, and it's very light and resonant.  Consider it a great buy for a compact tuba.  18.3mm (.721") bore, 420mm (16.5") bell.  Though only 4 valves valves, it's the least expensive European CC tuba and is a versatile enough horn.  For those on a budget or preferring a smaller sized instrument it's worth a look.  The Lidl is a similar sized instrument to the Jupiter 780, which is also a nice tuba for the price.  The Jupiter is noticeably weightier than the Lidl, and has very good projection and stability. There is something about the lightness of the Lidl that adds an electricity to the attack, and the tone is wider with a velvety feel.  And it's lighter.  It reminds me of a big Alexander, but dried on high heat. 

What I like about this tuba

  • Lightweight, resonant, vibrating, sheet brass, hand made construction
  • All nickel leadpipe and receiver
  • Lyre holder, strap rings
  • Minibal linkages, nickel rotor tops
  • Graceful hand-bent tubing
  • Artful tube ends and bracing
  • Shorter leadpipe for open feel


My old go to mouthpiece for CC tuba was the Yamaha Bobo Symphonic.  That works ok in this Lidl, but it's more bowl shaped and resistant than it needs to be.  I prefer the Robert Tucci RT-50 for a larger tone and big tuba sound, or even better, the RT-50S, which fits better and adds a small amount of resistance and center and clarity.  The RT-45 is ok.  Very lively.  RT-83, less so.

How does it play?

  • Pitch is right on, C - G - C - E - G - C all feels good
  • 1st valve D, I notice it a little low, I stretch it up.  I could push the 1st slide, but it didn't bother me enough to even move it when testing.
  • 3rd slide on the back is accessible with good pull. 
  • 1st and 4th slides on the front have a few inches of pull. 
  • You can pull the 4th slide so a good in tune low F is 1-4, and your 2-4 Db is right on.  (Nice for F minor like Romeo & Juliet).
  • 4th valve low G rocks with the right mouthpiece
  • All 4 low D is fine too, a smaller tuba feel, but the volume does not peter out down low like on a MW Hojo, which is tighter than the Lidl
  • False tone low Db 2-3, it can work

This Exact Tuba - #18870

  • Has some darkening of the lacquer on the bell flare, has to do with moisture when they lacquer it
  • Has clear rotor bumpers that may feel bouncy to some players
  • Has been stored in its case in a box, maybe I ordered it in 2018
  • OK finish work, some waviness in the bell throat due to hand spinning, it's fine
  • Makes me want to play tuba more often


The Josef Lidl company goes back more than 100 years.  More recently Lidl was purchased by Mideal, then by Arnold Stoelzel, who then bought Cerveny.  After all that, this tuba and its 701 BBb cousin are still in production, perhaps alongside Cerveny tubas, which are now engraved Josef Lidl.

Included:  Wheeled hard case


  • Tuba 14.7 lbs
  • Case 14.4 lbs
  • Tutti  29.1 lbs


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