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Instrument Innovations Trombone Leadpipe Adapter


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Now you can try out and play push in leadpipes in your coarse and fine threaded slide receivers while maintaining tonal quality! Beautiful knurled nickel silver gives you a polished look! No need to permanently alter your slide receiver to try the sound of push in leadpipes!

New from Mike Olsen and Westside Machine in Wisconsin, these small threaded rings allow you to use a variety of threaded leadpipes on other brands of trombones.  Convert your slide receiver from fine thread to coarse thread or from coarse thread to fine thread! Made of beautiful knurled nickel silver to maintain tonal quality while giving a beautifully finished appearance, these adapters are so simple and easy to use! Simply screw the appropriate adapter into you slide receiver. Now you can play almost every kind of threaded leadpipe you choose!


Fits in Conn Gen II 88H and 62H slides. The outside has a Conn thread.  The inside contains a bi-thread that will accept both fine threaded leadpipes and coarse threaded leadpipes, including Getzen, Edwards, Schilke, Shires, Kanstul

Coarse OD, Fine ID

Fits coarse thread Kanstul and Shires large tenor or bass trombone receivers, allows use of Getzen and Edwards leadpipes

Fine OD, Course ID

Fits fine thread Getzen and Edwards large tenor or bass trombone receivers, allows use of Shires and Kanstul leadpipes

Bi-thread ID, Solder

If you have an older large tenor or bass trombone with no threaded receiver and the leadpipe has been removed, this part solders onto your horn and allows use of nearly any threaded leadpipe, including Getzen, Edwards, Shires and Kanstul.


These adapters add about 1/4" to the length of your horn.  Some players have said that it helped them. Others said that it was easily compensated for, and others have said that it may effect the way the horn plays. For those of you that are unhappy with the 1/4" of addition, you can use this adapter to try many different brands, styles, and materials in the leadpipe market. When you find the ones that you like best, you could then purchase the proper threaded ring that would match your horn. These are also made by Mike Olsen.  You could then have a tech mount that threaded ring to your newly chosen leadpipe.

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