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Humes & Berg Stonelined Bucket Mute for Tenor Trombone

$33.00 $42.50

Item Details

7.5": The classic bucket sound, clips on the bell, be sure to get exactly the right size, though you can bend the clips to fit your bell better. Clips are coated with cloth tape and should not harm your bell. This is the most popular size for jazz horns 258g.

8": This 8" mute uses a larger housing.  In fact, it's the same mute that's sold for 8" and 8.5" bells, but the tabs are bent further out for the 8.5".  Many players with an 8" bell use the smaller and lighter 7.5" mute, above, and they just bend the tabs out a little bit.  Be gentle, so you don't break the rivets.  269g.

8.5" Same as above, but tabs are spread wider for 8.5" bell. 269 g.


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