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Hirsbrunner Euphonium

$8,970.00 $13,995.00

Item Details

The Hirsbrunner euphonium is the Cadillac of its breed.  Hand made by Peter Hirsbrunner and family for several generations in Sumiswald, Switzerland, this heirloom has a big, weighty sound and a lot of projection.  The model 479 features a fourth valve bore of 17mm and a tuning trigger.   The finish is silver plate.  A lightweight wheeled hard case is included.  3+1, compensating system. 

Peter Hirsbrunner has retired and is closing the Hirsbrunner shop in late 2018.  These are the last 3 euphoniums made by Peter himself.



Technical details
Bore size 15/17 mm
Bell diameter 305 mm
Height 660 mm

Other information
4 valves piston
Automatic compensating system
Full rich sound

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