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Higher Ground - Dave Norman, CDBY


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Dave C. Norman
Ellis Hall
Tim Owens
SueAnn Carwell

Includes: Intro Blues, Higher Ground, Ain't Nothin' Stoppin' Us Now, Serpentine Fire, What Is Hip?, Pick Up The Pieces, Through The Fire, Midway Blues, Some Cat Phat, Fire, Let It Loose, S.W.M.T., All In Love Is Fair, Outtro Blues

"Dave Norman is one of my favorite trumpet players, writers, and people on the planet...It was a joy to play on his wonderful CD."
     -- Gregg Bissonette, World Reknowned Drummer Extraordinaire, LA Studio Recording Artist,
                                          Soloist & Clinician

"Dave Norman is one of the most creative musicians that I’ve ever worked with. Working with Dave has allowed me to learn more about myself as a musician, as he invites fellow musicians to add their true character to his paintings, not to mention his amazing trumpet playing."
     -- Mike O’Neill, Guitarist for George Benson

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