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Hetman Slide

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This is a group of our premier lubricants for movable slides.  These liquid greases are primarily designed for the first and third slides on trumpets, but have other uses as well.  These are designed and manufactured in the USA by Joe Hetman.  Hetman synthetic lubricants have a very smooth molecular structure.  These lubricants are especially slippery, do not build up, resist corrosion, and last a long time.  You'll need fewer applications of Hetman than of most other brands.

These can also be used on French horn valve slides and water slides, movable F-attachment slides on trombones, and movable first valve slides on tubas.

Choose one from the group below and your instrument will thank you. 

  • 4 Light Slide Oil - Formulated for tighter fitting valve slides and valve slides of longer length.
  • 5 Slide Oil - Original formula (Tuning Slide Oil). Medium viscosity for most first and third valve slides.
  • 6 Heavy Slide Oil - Designed for looser fitting valve slides and valve slides of shorter length.

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