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Hamilton KB510 Trombone or Trumpet Stand

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This is one of the classic trombone stands of much of the twentieth century.  It's also useful for trumpeters on a stand up gig who prefer a higher perch for their instrument.  Long made in the USA, (sadly) now imported, the design and quality remain the same.  The Hamilton stand is light and folds compactly for travel.  The stand base spreads fairly wide for good stability for all but the largest trombones.  The chrome plated steel parts are durable, and all knobs and plastic parts are replaceable.


  • Avoid stepping on the legs - they can bend when subjected to adverse side pressure.
  • The soft plastic perch will not mar or harm your instrument.  Some players like to place a soft sock over the top of the stand to create an even softer landing pad.
  • The height of the perch and center shaft is adjustable with an included hex wrench.
  • This stand will hold most trumpets as well, making it useful for the the trumpeter on a stand up gig.
  • Some older models of the KB510 allowed the halves of the stand to separate for more compact travel.  The current stand halves seem to be permanently joined.
  • We recommend this for lighter trombones, such as an alto, straight tenor, or tenor with F-attachment.  Yes, you can also use the Hamilton for bass trombones, but we hesitate to recommend it.  The stand base width is moderate and the stand is light, possibly creating a treacherous situation for all but the most careful bass trombonist.
  • When placing your trombone on the Hamilton (or any) trombone stand, try to orient the weight of the instrument so it aligns with one leg.  You'll find stability improves remarkably.

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