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Gronitz PF125 Piston F Tuba

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This is one of the premier F tubas of the world, and is custom built in a small shop in Hamburg, Germany, by Dietrich Kleinehorst and his staff.

This is a large 4 piston, 1 rotary valve F tuba that is designed in the modern style of the newer piston instruments. With a broad, velvety smooth tone and an even response throughout its range, this tuba is a useful horn for nearly anything.  The low range rivals that of much larger instruments, and the low C is perfect with a full tone.  With its even response between open and heavily valved notes, you will be free of the sort of quirks that can plague most rotary F tubas. There are no notes that fail to resonate, and the slurring is effortless. While being similar in size to the Yamaha 822 Jim Self model, this Gronitz has a liveliness and character of sound that puts it ahead of the Yamaha for many players. The fifth rotor is available in several tunings, but we offer the most popular: flat whole step. In lacquer or silver plate. 19-20-21mm conical bore, 16.5" bell.

What's captivating about the Gronitz is how light they are. Made mostly from lighter gauge sheet brass, these have a liveliness of response and a velvety tone that reminds us of the other lightweight tubas out there like Rudolph Meinl, Alexander, and Adams.

This tuba can feature a small second valve slide pull stop, so you can adjust the 2+3 Ab a bit lower if necessary. This model of tuba plays well in tune throughout its range. All F tubas have pitch quirks, and this is no exception, but they are very minor. You may want to pull the first slide a bit for Bb and A in the staff, and many F tuba players on other instruments finger the A with the third valve to keep the pitch low enough. You may need to lower the Ab a bit, easily done with the second or third slide. Some players might average the third slide pull between Ab and Db.

Case is sold separately, but this tuba is a great fit in the SKB385W case if we customize the case (no charge).  The MTS 1204V case should fit as well.

Included: Just the tuba.  Case and mouthpiece are sold separately

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