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Gronitz FZ-127 6V Rotary F Tuba

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Simply put, this Gronitz is head and shoulders above other F tubas. There is not a single compromise, caveat, or catch about it. It is highly flexible, extremely responsive, in tune, powerful; the list could go on and on. This is a large F tuba, but plays effortlessly while maintaining a breadth of sound second to none. The registers are as even as could be, and require no effort to blend or match each other, the horn just sounds even and clear across the entire range of the instrument. It's difficult to keep from continuously listing all the great things about this tuba, so I won't even try. The sound is colorful, exciting, and responds to everything you put into the horn.  Whether it's the sweetest solo or the loudest pedal note you can muster, this horn will deliver. And speaking of pedal notes, what a breeze! The low register seems to play itself, without even the slightest hint of stuffiness or lack of center. And forget about any preconceived notions of rotary F tubas having a difficult time below the staff, this tuba plays just as evenly there as it does across the entire range. This is absolutely a top quality F tuba made by Gronitz that sets a standard for itself, in a league of its own. - Kyle Richter

Steve also says, a 6 valve F tuba is a joy to play, especially this 4+2 setup.  It's unusual in the US, but lets you relax your right hand, and there are a multitude of alternate fingerings if you need them.  On a Gronitz you likely won't though, and any slide is easily accessible if you need to adjust a first valve G here and there (you likely won't).  Specs for the left hand:  6th valve (half step) is first finger LH, and 5th valve, (whole step) is second finger LH.

One nice feature of this Gronitz is that, like the new Miraphone Elektra, the fifth rotor is down at the bottom of the stack.  Since it's used for low notes almost exclusively, it makes sense to make the fifth rotor larger and place it at the end of the valve block.  You will definitely notice the improvement over traditional rotary F tubas that place the fifth rotor at the end of the leadpipe.

The "Lacquer Special" version we have is new and perfect except for a minor lacquer blem on the side of the bottom bow.  You'll hardly notice it and Gronitz gave a us a great deal, so we pass it on to you.  One only at this price.

Case and mouthpiece are sold separately.  Standard size receiver.



  • 6 rotary-valves
  • open spring levers and minibal connections
  • 5th and 6th valves: left hand
  • instrument in yellow brass
  • with nickel silver slides and gold brass leadpipe
  • bore size = 19/20/21 mm
  • bell diameter 420 mm
  • height 900 mm

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