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Greenhoe GB4-1G Tenor Trombone with Gold Brass Bell


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This is a Greenhoe tenor trombone made by Schilke-Greenhoe in Chicago, Illinois, USA.  It was made as a display model for the International Trombone Festival at Redlands University in 2017.  Finally it is ready for sale.


  • Wide .547" brass hand slide with removable leadpipe, nickel end crook
  • Greenhoe rotor and open wrap F-attachment
  • Wooden trigger paddle
  • Modular construction with proprietary Greenhoe acoustic bracing
  • Reverse tuning slide
  • Lightweight 1-piece gold brass bell, soldered rim, small rim wire
  • Shires Pro-Select rosewood brace
  • Schilke M5.1 mouthpiece
  • Greenhoe compact hard case with backpack straps


I bought this trombone along with the rest of the display from Greenhoe at ITF 2017.  I sat in the store for a long time, then developed acid bleed  on the rotor casing and was sent back for valve set relacquer.  Then it sat more and I finally played it.  I never was fond of Greenhoe trombones, but this was ordinary even for them.  Back to the factory for new leadpipe and other adjustments and then loaned to another dealer where it sat for a long time again, because I couldn't look at it for a while.  In June of this year I asked for it back, then added a rosewood brace from a Shires Pro-Select trombone, and that plus the other adjustments at Schilke seem to do it.  It's very good now.  Sometimes it takes time to get it right when you're talkin' high-end.  The Greenhoe centers, it projects, it's a wonderful sounding horn, especially with the included mouthpiece.  Compared to a similar Bach LT42BOF Centennial trombone, the Greenhoe is slightly lighter, with a faster response, and about the same resistance for stability.  The feel is similar.  The Greenhoe has slightly more clarity.  I like the spec of the nickel end crook on the Greenhoe.  That slightly harder metal adds something akin to the all niciel Bach slide, but less brittle.  The Greenhoe is no super-open slow-responding moose horn.  This is 1930's style lightweight, but it'll blend in a modern section of Bach or other trombones just fine.  There are a few minor marks from handling but otherwise it's a new instrument with a few test miles in the odometer.

The Greenhoe hand slide action is 110% smooth, very special.


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