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Greenhoe CG5 TIS Bass Trombone

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This is a premier bass trombone designed in 2002 by Gary Greenhoe and now manufactured in Chicago by Schilke Music.  The patented Greenhoe valve system is at the center of this design, which is a return to the classic sound with the highest quality available.

Schilke Music is committed to preserving the design and legacy that Gary has created and developed.  Schilke uses state of the art technology combined with traditional old world craftsmanship and expert assembly to carry on Greenhoe designs.  Schilke's unparalleled quality of construction ensures the highest standards in modern trombone soundand performance without compromise.  With the integration of Greenhoe into Schilke Music, Greenhoe trombones will continue to represent the highest standards of excellence.

The Greenhoe GC5 is a true classic, designed in the style of the early to mid 20th century bass trombone.  This incredibly versatile instrument excels from everything from orchestral to commercial music.  Featuring a two-piece medium bell with unsoldered rim, the GC5 is incredibly responsive and vibrant.

This version of the GC5  features the Tuning-in-Slide option.  This is a reintroduction of a century old approach to trombone design.  This classic approach eliminates bell tuning and allows the bell section to maintain a continuously conical profile, giving it a free and even quality to the sound.



  • Bell material: Red brass, unsoldered rim, 9.5"
  • Bell thickness: XLT tail, M flare
  • Bore: .562"
  • Hand slide crook: Nickel silver
  • Hand slide type: Tuning in slide
  • Leadpipe: Interchangeable
  • Valves:  Greenhoe (2), inline or stacked, yellow brass tubing
  • Bell branch: Red brass
  • Hand slide outer tuning: Rose brass
  • Case: Included


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